This page serves as a hub for all of my tutorials. If you find an issue, or would like to request a new tutorial be made, feel free to send me a message on Discord or preferably open an issue on GitHub. Please keep in mind that tutorials should be generic enough that anyone can benefit from them, and not specific to one project or situation.

Minecraft tutorials

Tutorial Name Description
Render Layers Explains the basics of render layers and how to apply them.
Modded Registries Coming soon!
Capabilities Coming soon!
CraftTweaker Addons Introduction to adding CraftTweaker support to your mods.
Inter Mod Communication Demonstrates how IMC can be used to send and recieve messages.
Jar Signing Shows how to set up jar signing for your mod and help improve security.
Access Transformers Basic explaination of access transformers, and how to use them effectively.
Manipulating Loot Tables Introduction to loot tables, and how to effectively manipulate them.
Custom Entity Data An efficient way to handle custom entity properties and NBT data. How to use them as a replacement for IEEPs
Events Introduction to forge’s event system for newer mod authors.
Structure Gen A look at Mojang’s structure format, and how it can be used for simplistic structure generation.
Update Checker Explanation of Forge’s update checker format.