Hello there, welcome to the new site!

Some of you may be wondering why I chose to revamp the entire site again, after the overhaul a few months back. While the other version of the site is perfectly fine and works as intended, I have found that it is not practical to maintain. My earlier setup was on the Weebly platform, and due to a serries of loopholes and grandfathered in exceptions, I was able to make my site as nice as it was. Unfortunately they have been making a lot of changes over the last few years which I am not very keen on. A good example of this are the changes made to their editor, and restrictions over how collaborators can collaborate. While hosting everything on GitHub is a bit more difficult, it allows me to use GitHub’s markdown to write tutorials, and accept collaborations through pull request. Over all, this means that I will be able to write tutorials more efficiently, and include tutorials contributed by others!

Huge thanks to everyone for their continued support, and a special shoutout to Dean Attali. He is the author of the beautiful-jekyll and a bulk of the code which has this site running!